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What is website registration, and what is NLHOA membership?


This website is the official Nancy Lake Homeowners Association website. Its purpose is to keep its members informed of what is going on in your surrounding community.

Registration to this website is not replacement for association membership.

Website Registration:

  • Registration is free.
  • Registered users allow the Board to send newsletters out to valid email addresses.
  • Registration gives the Board of Directors a strong voice in the community.

Association Membership: (In addition to the above website registered membership, a Member with current payment of Annual dues)

  • Access to extended content provided by the Board of Directors.
  • Access to lake area documentation.
  • Allows the Board of directors a location to post issues they want to discuss and resolve.
  • Provides funding to the Association for budget items.

Please support your Association,  so you can remain current and informed.

Membership Form


Click here for a copy of the NLHOA membership form.